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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pigeons in the Barn

I love to read, but lately I just haven't had the time. I'm always so busy with so many other things that I find I cannot stay committed to a long novel. More and more I find that shorter reads, like blogging or poetry are much more convenient for my life.
Where am I getting with this? Well, in my short reads I have made a personal discovery involving words and significance to memory. Have you ever just listened to a song, and there was a certain line that really hit home, nice and close. Sometimes it's only a fragment, not a complete thought that triggers memories to once again come alive. Then too, are memories a complete thought?
We can link words to amazing experiences and triumphs. They do not always have to be straightforward or very explanatory, just like a thought. Something so simple may come across differently to everyone. Why not just give someone a fragment to dwell upon rather than just spell it out for them? I feel that this is a very interesting technique I have stumbled upon. Eyecatching wordart with mysterious phrases captivate my attention as i sit and wonder What does this mean? At that point I begin to realize that it means whatever I want it to.

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