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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pigeons in the Barn

I love to read, but lately I just haven't had the time. I'm always so busy with so many other things that I find I cannot stay committed to a long novel. More and more I find that shorter reads, like blogging or poetry are much more convenient for my life.
Where am I getting with this? Well, in my short reads I have made a personal discovery involving words and significance to memory. Have you ever just listened to a song, and there was a certain line that really hit home, nice and close. Sometimes it's only a fragment, not a complete thought that triggers memories to once again come alive. Then too, are memories a complete thought?
We can link words to amazing experiences and triumphs. They do not always have to be straightforward or very explanatory, just like a thought. Something so simple may come across differently to everyone. Why not just give someone a fragment to dwell upon rather than just spell it out for them? I feel that this is a very interesting technique I have stumbled upon. Eyecatching wordart with mysterious phrases captivate my attention as i sit and wonder What does this mean? At that point I begin to realize that it means whatever I want it to.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Violets in the Mud

So the other day I was working in my mother’s garden. Now let’s think for a second here: I’m a teen with a lot of friends and extracurricular things to do. Normally, weeding my mother’s flower bed is not where I would have preferred to be.
I guess the reason why I’m writing about this is because I had a thought that would cross my mind before, but became the focus of my attention at the moment. I dug my trowel into the muddy earth, and as I pulled a dandelion, I thought about just how wonderful the whole concept of a garden really is. The outcome is entirely dependant upon the gardener’s dedication and patience. Two huge ideas I need to put some more work into.
My favourite flower above all is a violet. Not only because they are a pretty purple, with a burst of yellow from the center, but because they grow all over our garden. My mom can’t get rid of them. A few years ago, she intentionally planted them for a certain arrangement in the spring, but they just don’t seem to go away. They are even starting to grow out of the garden and into the grass, where the dandelions try to choke them out but just can’t get a hold on them.
Now, you might ask, where am I going with all of this? As I looked at all of the violets springing at random from the ground, I began to admire this little flower. What if I was just as small, yet undefeatable as it? What if no matter what, I dedicated everything I was to growing, just growing. And I don’t mean in height, growing as in character.
We all try to be good people, but what would we be like if we were on 24/7 alert of our behaviour? What if we all took what was given to make us better people, and give it back humbly, just like a violet?
It did not take much pondering to decide to try and be like that little violet that I secretly admire. Maybe someday I will grow among weeds and be just as contempt.